Home Schooling Craft lessons near Chester

Homeschooling crafts and sewing in Chester

We provide children’s home schooling craft lessons near Chester covering arts, crafts, sewing lessons and tuition for home schooled children. These can be individual, group or sibling classes for private home schooled tuition. Sewing and Crafts are educational, fun activities for children who are home schooled in Chester or near to Tattenhall or in West Cheshire. A broad choice of tailored individual craft sessions or tailored sewing courses are both educational and fun.

We have lots of experience of running successful and enjoyable children’s home schooling lessons near Chester. We are also fully CRB checked. Testimonials can also be provided if required.

Our home schooling craft lessons and classes take place at our Makery in the village of Tattenhall. We can arrange these on dates and times to suit you. To enquire for more details please click here.